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Sponsors are put into 3 Tiers based on their total prize contribution. Prizes will be separated into Tiers for each contest based on individual retail values. NOTE: Each contest will have a different prize list because of the nature of a prize-pot system. Prize-pots will be affected by what is picked by winners, what is donated by sponsors, and what can be replaced by sponsors. Please visit our sponsors sites! They make great products.

Tier 1 (Greater than $1000)

3D Total Texture CDs (15x= $855)
Training DVDs (3x= $171)
Shorts Drawer DVDs (2x= $50)
CAT CAT Liscense (1x= $995)
CG Academy To Be Announced . . .
Digital Element World Builder Pro (2x= $1400)
Digital-Tutors To Be Announced . . .
e-on Software Vue 5/6 Infinite (4x= $2320)
eyeonline DFX+ or Fusion ($1300-$5000)
Marlin Studios Krypton Pack + 3D Premium Models ($4400)
NewTek Lightwave 3D Full + PDF Docs. (4x= $3180)
Next Limit Maxell Render Liscense ($1044)
RH Entertainment Bundles ( Deep Paint 3D, Deep UV, Deep Exploration Std Edition, 3x= $1800)
Deep Exploration Standard Edition (3x= $450)
Pandromeda To be announced . . .
SOFTIMAGE SOFTIMAGE|XSI Foundation (2x= $1000)
XSI DVD Documetation Kits (2x= $120)
Zargon Studios Texture Pack ($1500)
Individual Texture DVDs (6x= $1200-$3000)

Tier 2 (Between $500 to $1000)

AisleFX All Textures Bundle (1x= $450)
Pyrotechnics Bundle (1x= $95) (1x)
SciFi Hulls (2x= $120)
Autodesk Discover Maya -- Broadcast Animation Learning Tools (x3= $120)
Discover Maya -- Tips, Tricks, and Cheats (x3= $210)
Maya 6 Beginner's Bundles (x3= $75)
Art of Maya books, 3rd edition (x2= $90)
e frontier Poser 6 with DVD, "Introduction to Poser"(1x= $300)
Shade 8 Standard (2x= $200)
Gnomon Workshop 3x DVDs (not including texture libraries), 1x for runner-ups ($1400)
Luxology To Be Announced . . .
Maxon BodyPaint 3D (1x= $795)
Stash Media Stash Sixpack (6x= $774)

Tier 3 (Less than $500)

3D Creative 3D Creative Magazine Subscriptions (1 Year) (3x =$100)
AmbientLight Downloadable Big Texure Bundle (4x= $560)
DAZ 3D Bryce (1x= $50)
Digimation Digimation exclusive plugins:  Bones Pro 3, Tree Factory, Chameleon, Max Sculpt, Clay Studio, DigiPeople, Sand Blaster, Lightning, Fractal Flow, Speed Tree and Light Galleries (4x = $400)
Eovia To Be Announced . . .
Futurenet 3D World 1 year subscription (3x= $240)
FXHome Choice of Pro Product: EffectsLab or CompositeLab (2x= $300)

Thanks again to all of our sponsors! Without them this contest would be impossible. Please thank them by visiting their sites using the links above (by moss). If your interested in sponsoring the Scifi3D contests, please contact SciFi 3D Administration.

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