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Star Wars > Environment > Death Star

Death Star 1 (version 2)
Excellent model. I think eventually I will have to retire my model above. It's pretty poor compared to this one.

3DS - Includes instructions for remapping thanks to Matt

Note: AM version includes some laser firing scenes. A sample of this is included below in the DSclips file.

MAX 4.2 version includes 3DS.

  1. Don Showalter (LW Conversion)
  2. Aaron Gaffney (MAX conversion -- Looks like the real thing)
  3. Matt Pfingsten (Original AM Model)
  1. 3DS (1.36Mb)
  2. Anim. Master (1.38Mb)
  3. MAX & 3DS (1.69Mb)
  4. LW 6.x (1.08Mb)
  5. Media Player (0.51Mb)
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