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Star Wars > Craft & Vessels > Imperial Navy

Imperial Star Destroyer 2
Al has asked that this model NOT be altered in ANY way. AND include all credits with it's use. It's not easy getting such nice models so don't take advantage folks.

3DS - MISTA conversion. Working on maps but they're uncluded. Anybody else out there on LW or something else like 3DS4 want to help out please feel free to do so.

MAX2 (2MB) - Uses GREEBLE for extra detail. Greeble included.

LW - Conversion by Preban Herrmann. Excellent conversion.

This model is very detailed. Read the accompanying notes for each model.

MAX3(8MB) - You'll get a message about Greeble but it doesn't use it. Unpacked it's a whopping 20 MB mesh. Because of this some non-NT systems may have problems loading.

  1. Alexandre Lucas (Chimaera) (Original Model)
  2.  MiSTRFiNGA (MiSTA) (Conversion)
  3. Preben Hermann (Rough Rider) (Conversion)
  1. 3DS (7.71Mb)
  2. MAX 2.x (1.76Mb)
  3. MAX 3 (8.34Mb)
  4. LW 5.x (3.36Mb)
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