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Star Wars > Craft & Vessels > Imperial Navy

Imperial Star Destroyer - Imperator
This is one of the most professional and detailed models on the site. We should hold a charity for Ansel for donating such a beautiful model. He spent many hours for several months making it.

*NOTE* The last 3DS (12MB) version is different in that it's all in one piece and has the xforms reset, which may make it easier to import for non-MAX users.

NEW: LW 8.2 version 2.0

  1. Ansel Hsiao (Fractalsponge) (Author)
  2.  P.R.Dobson (Martocticvs) (C4D r8 Conversion)
  3. Fabio Passaro (LW conversion)
  1. MAX 6 (20.32Mb)
  2. 3DS (20.96Mb)
  3. MAX 4 (28.89Mb)
  4. C4D (8.9Mb)
  5. LW 7.x (7.75Mb)
  6. LW 8.x (9.98Mb)
  7. OBJ (Maya) (19.1Mb)
  8. 3DS (12.6Mb)
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