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SCIFI 3D Voluntary "Gift/Donation" Policy:

In order to combat theft of the sites models by others who try to sell them we are going to submit our models to commerical websites. They will still be FREE as always. Our community is full of honest people with alot of integrity, and they are adiment that models remain FREE. Therefore we are going to submit our models to places like TURBOSQUID as FREE to combat theft. Nobody will pay the theives for something that we offer for FREE. This should effectively stop this internet crime. However, if you want to support SCIFI 3D or the 3D COMMUNITY we are going to start accepting gifts/donations. This is a totally VOLUNTARY system. Nobody is required nor expected to pay for any model from this site, unless otherwise noted. If you decide you do want to give a gift for the site/community please do not send less than $1 US. Due to various fees, costs of postage, foreign curreny conversions, etc. it may cost more to send your gift than the total value of the gift. It depends on the type of transaction. The various options will be covered below. Please also note there are no other miniumum or maximum amounts a gift has to be, much less give one at all. It is up each individual what they want to do, if anything. Here is information on the different ways to send something and the pros and cons for each. I have investigated this as much as I could and I'm still collecting information so it may not be 100% accurate yet.


Visit for full details. Most who have done online auctions like EBAY already know about PayPal. EBAY in fact has just bought PayPal. In general sending and receiving money is FREE. However, to receive credit-card payments there'd be a 2%-4% +30cents fee. Plus another 1% cross-boarder fee for international transfers. SO what we'll do is have two accounts. One for NON-credit-card gifts and one for credit-cards. Then we can avoid some of these fees. Other than that it's a great way to send money around. You can use your bank accounts, credit-cards, debit cards, electronic checks maybe too. I've been debating the feasibility of all of this. Kinda silly to send $1 if there is 35cents in fees. But it is the BEST way to do it online. TurboSquid has 50% commission rates so it's better than that.

For NON credit-card donations ONLY
Thanks for your support.
  Official PayPal Seal
For credit-card donations ONLY

Thanks for your support.

Snail mail Checks/Cash/etc.

If you don't have a bank account or credit-cards, etc. you can always mail something. But keep in mind the costs of postage. Also be careful sending money. Please use a security envelope or wrap it up in a piece of paper to avoid mail theft. I'm not aware of all the specifics but remember there may be fees for currency conversions and cashing foreign checks too. If you want to know what the currency conversion rates are try searching Google.

Attn: George Mezori
1501 Divot Court
Sebring, FL USA 33872

SCIFI 3D Agreement Form

By entering this site you agree to this form and promise to uphold it to the best of your abilty. In an effort to show that this is not a form exclusive to SCIFI 3D, parts of it in whole or part are from other 3D sites agreement forms. Three such sites are SWMA,, and 3DARK/3Dtotal. There are 2 sections to this form. CREDIT and COPYRIGHT. At the end of each section the relevant source references to each sites agreement forms has been listed.


SCIFI 3D: We presume that artists want proper credit for all uses of their work. Therefore we have a set of reasonable guidelines for each type of use. In spite of the personal opinion of each artists it is presumed that every artist who participates in this site with materials agrees to this also. There are many reasons for this. First is to do the moral and ethical thing by giving credit and recognition to those who have graciously supplied us with wonderful materials. Second is to protect the rights of each artist by helping to keep others from claiming credit for their work. There is a problem with theft out there. Third is to provide potential employers with a means of contacting artists. Believe it or not people have found jobs through SCIFI 3D. So in keeping with these goals a set of guidelines have been established on how to give credit for each type of artwork. ONE of many arguements I hear is "Well, do I have to credit costumers, caterers, and everybody else now too?". That is between you and them. Second, those guys knowingly participated in your artwork. Our artists do not know you are using their materials. All we ask is that you credit us. AND most would like to know what you are doing for curiosity purposes. That's the reason we have them online fellas. WE want to see what you are doing with the models.

IMAGES: Somewhere on the image at minimum there must be note of the ARTIST and/or SCIFI 3D. You can do both or any other combination if liked. Anything extra beyond this is up to the each user. Some have taken to heart that this destroys the artwork. I do not agree and have found true artists to even turn this into a form of expression with fonts and colors for the text that complimented the image. Some have also used widescreen format and used the black areas to list credits. Also there is a possible issue with multiple credits just for one model from our site. can just mention the "original" artist and SCIFI 3D so people can visit us and find the total credit.

MOVING IMAGES, Animations, etc: At the end or beginning of the trailer, movie, animation, etc. credits should be included. Altho there is more of an opportunity here for credits with greater detail it is not necessary. One of the reasons for credit is to provide a means of contact to the artist. To acheive this and the other goals it is necessary to list the artists and/or SCIFI 3D in a LEGIBLE manner in spite of compression. There is also an issue of file size with long credits. To avoid this an artist should use a high quality image with credits listed. This can be one or more images of credits attached to the end of the movie. This in turn can be viewed by using the PAUSE button on the media player. Running 10 minutes of animated credits is not necessary nor logical. Also there is a possible issue with multiple credits just for one model from our site. can just mention the "original" artist and SCIFI 3D so people can visit us and find the total credit.

I have read, understood and agree to the above statement.

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