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WIP: Star Wars > Craft & Vessels > Republic

Republic Assault Ship - 2
JDR is doing this model at a very high level of quality. It's part of his grand plan for some secret Geonosis project.

Visit SFM to see the running thread discussion and full screen pics.

  1. Simon Coles (JDR) (Author)
Update 1
Well, I've decided: I'm finishing the Republic Assault Ship. She's been in mothballs for a while, but the time is right for the return.
Update 2
More rear details.
Update 3
A closer look at the details. This is about as close as I want to be able to get. I'll still add pipes later on. I prefer to make them renderable splines, to reduce viewport overhead.

BTW, that block of greebles in there in the side trench is about 3,000 polys so far. The whole ship is about 110k at present.
Update 4
I've added some more plating to the area aft of the main hatch, as well as some plate detail on the major underside sections.
Update 5
Detail of the equator area. Full size images at the SFM forum.
Update 6
Nearing completing and alot of small panelleing detail added. ETA: April 2004.

For full size images of the Republic Assault Ship visit SCIFI-MESHES.
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