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WIP: Star Wars > Characters

Darth Maul

  1. Topa (Original Model)
  2. Olivier Couston (Dr.Jones) (Original Model)
  3.  MiSTRFiNGA (MiSTA) (BIP for character animation)
  4. Andreas Jacobsson (Alternate Version)
Update 1
There is a need for a Darth Maul in our animation project, but the net is kinda scarce for good "available" models. So Topa has taken up the task to get his character skills together.
Update 2
This is one of the scenes we plan on doing out on the Senator's balcony.
Update 3
This is Maul's cape. We're all trying to get familar with the free cloth plugin for MAX called SIMCLOTH. Topa did his first test of it waving in the wind but it fell to the ground. Now we gotta stick Maul inside of it so it won't do that. Maybe that would work for a death scene. You know like how Obi Wan disappeared in SW.
Update 4
I still have to do the arms and add the cape.
Update 5
This is Andreas' version of Maul. We're still trying to figure out how to perfect this. Looking at MADHOUSEDESIGN's it's hard to figure out what the problem is. Those guys make it look easy. I think we have good enough textures but our head is just off. Everybody is so familar with this characters face you just can't get away with anything. Looking at theirs you can see the shaded skull picture. I think we just need to tweak our heads. Maybe use this one as a reference.

This stuff is hard if you haven't done it before. Topa hasn't been doing alot of character work himself. This one is not bad. We still debate about the eyes, and nose, etc. We think there's something wrong with the eyes here.
Update 6
Apparently the Maul above is Topa's too. I thought maybe Andreas made his own modifications. Here is the generic head that they both appararently use. The one at MadHouseDesign still looks better than ours. I was gonna put a pic here for comparison but I think our friends at MHD have disappeared. Their website doesn't work anymore?
Update 7
Apparently.....this one is Dr.Jones Maul. Boy this is confusing. It is definitely all new.
Update 8
Whole different look. Still not exactly a mirror likeness of Maul but perfectly fine for most shots. Mista has already added BIP in MAX4 to this one too.
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