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WIP: Star Wars > Characters

Stormtrooper - Cartoon Style
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Dr.Jones started doing this and it was so kool he won a CGchanllenge, by public vote, and we're gonna find a spot for it in SON OF THE SUNS.

  1. Olivier Couston (Dr.Jones) (Author)
Update 1
Mine is more toon looking, I'm making it for CGTalk Living Toon Challenge.
However I want it to be accurate. Once I'll weild the two symetric parts, I'll modify the right knee, and some other details. I'll make a removable helmet, because I'll have to add my own head for this challenge, it's an auto-caricature contest.
Update 2
Dr.Jones wanted to pose it when he was done.
Update 3
Here is the final image showing the caricture "Jones" inside the suit.
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