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WIP: Star Wars > Environment > Coruscant

Coruscant Air Taxi
This guy has just picked up RHINO and started working with it. Not an easy program to just pick up and start doing nice stuff with. It takes some skill and experience in other modellers.

  1. James Jorgenson (Mr. P51) (Original)
  2. Dan North (Low-rez Model)
  3. Ian Foster (Low-rez Model)
Update 1
This was done in RHINO. I think the proportions are a little off. I just sent him one of my famous "TEXTURE PACKS". I seem to be making alot of those lately. It's a raw nurb file. He seems to think it is probably larger and holds more people. Uh yea..... This is like a 4-6 person craft. It's about the size of a speed boat. Otherwise the detail is great. Good job.
Update 2
Here is a new low-rez version by DAN NORTH
Update 3
Here is a new low-rez version by DAN NORTH
Update 4
Dan built this mainly as for high traffic scenes with lots of background craft. It's about 8 primatives with a bit of texture wrapped around it.
Update 5
This is Mr.P51's remake. He lost the first one in a recent hdd crash. This is not the first time this year we've seen a WIP lost like this. Back it up everyday fellas. This one might turn out to look better. It'll at least have better scale this time around.
Update 6
Mr.P51 has pretty much taken this one as far as he can. Here it will remain in WIP till we texture it and maybe add more details. It's reall good enough. We might be able to use references as textures. We'll see.
Update 7
Mr.P51 is doing some texturing on it also. This model came out very large so some optimization is in the works. The references I've seen show the airtaxi to look more like Dan's above. Kinda grey. So we may end up with 2 versions from Mr.P51 alone. This yellow one and another grey one. Notice the decal on the front says Quik taxi 51. Quik is another nick of Mr.P51's.
Update 8
This is a new version by Ian Foster. It uses textures from images on the Insiders' Guide to Episode I cd. It's a low poly version for flybys, this is why it's jaggy looking. The polygon count can be incresed using modifiers in your application in case you want to do close-ups. This model will be for upload very soon.
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