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WIP: Star Wars > Environment > Coruscant

Galactic Senate
Well, Dan is back from his hiatus. And to start things off he's working on the Galactic Senate building for our animation project.

  1. Dan North (Original Model)
  2. Topa (Original Model)
Update 1
These guys are so good. You'll see this thing go up real fast.
Update 2
Here are a few more detailed pics of the Galactic Senate...only half done though...there is still a whole heap of stuff that needs doing. I am getting about four posed figures out of poser and warping them to duplicate along the walkway...aieee!
Update 3
Update 4
Update 5
Update 6
Update 7
Here is the first guy who goes out the front of the Senate... Trying to keep this as low res as possible- it aint easy- this is my first real attempt at serious modelling... Texture for the statue was just scammed of a fairly detailed pic I found at
Update 8
I have finished all the statues for the platform out the front of the senate...did two little textures for their base too ( a bit dodgy- but works)- could only guess from the images found on the net. Everything has been converted to an editable mesh.
Update 9
I fixed the shape of the dome a little and romved some rings from the bottom of the dome, but itīs a great model! I made the daylight lightning for the scene, and it really shows the grat texrures.

What happened to the statues? Looks even better. Topa with his midas touch. What's that thing they said in Blade Runner....."he's a god damn one man wrecking house/crew".
Update 10
This is like almost an exact duplicate from the movie huh. Topa has added the statues, the steps, and other ground structures to this scene. Looks excellent.
Update 11
Looks as if Topa has added some more self-illumination maps to the building for night scenes. I'd say this model is about ready for download.
Update 12
At a minimum the scene file will include the building, the ground, the stairs on the grounds, and the statues pictured here. I don't know if Topa will include the craft in the air, the background layer which is 2D, and the Coruscant background which is 2D also.
Update 13
Dan and I decided long time ago that doing the interior was not only probably unecessary, but probably too hard and foolish to attempt. But that was before Topa got involved. Topa did this and I guess we'll find a place for it in the trailer for sure.
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