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WIP: Star Wars > Craft & Vessels > Imperial Navy

Imperial Star Destroyer Imperator Class
Imperial Star Destroyer Bridge high-detailed model. Another great Imperial model by Fractalsponge.

Visit the thread at SCIFI-MESHES forums to see the progress.

  1. Ansel Hsiao (Fractalsponge) (Author)
Update 1
4 hours of work so far.
Update 2
Sensor's a lot of fun making these when the max geosphere tool can't Good hour of work, and a blast!
Update 3
One of the first images showing all the works to date. It's really turning out great. He's modelling very fast. He thinks it'll be done in a couple more weeks. Thanks to Lucas and JarJar for helping with their vast collection of references and good critiques.
Update 4
Just a sample of the many images at the SFM thread. Visit there for all the images and full discussion.
Update 5
Just a sample of the many images at the SFM thread. Visit there for all the images and full discussion.
Update 6
The madness goes on.
Update 7
And on and on.

Visit the forum links above for more full size images and discussion.
Update 8
New terraces added, the rest of the hull is added for placement. THAT image and others in the CGtalk and SFM forum.
Update 9
Now the engine work.
Update 10
After the engine work is done Ansel will probably work on the trench area. But until then the model can be used from the front and back with careful attention to camera placement. It's so detailed you can get real close and not worry about seeing any unfinished parts.

Don't forget to visit the SFM forum thread. There are some close-ups of the detail and some wireframes.
Update 11
Visit the SFM link at the top for full size images. Most of the work now is going on with the engines.
Update 12
Wireframe. Full-size in the SFM forum thread.
Update 13
Ansel has finished modelling on this beast now. Now he's helping port it into other apps so these guys can work on converting it to LW, C4D, Maya, XSI, etc. etc.

Visit SFM forum link and check out page #36 for super-size pics.
Update 14

Click for larger image
OK ... so I've been doing a bit of work lately on this

1) added a whole lot of detail to the bridge tower face, and beveled the edges there so it can be used for close up shots
2) filled in lots of detail gaps around the hull (engines, trench, superstructure, hull panels)
3) beveled the edges of the surface hull detail
4) resized the hull and engines to be a lot more accurate, I think,
5) added about 3000 modeled windows around the hull and tweaked the window glows
6) you can't see it in these shots, but I've added a hangar bay grappler
Update 15

Click for larger image
Anyways, redid the entire hangar...beveled, clamp, new hangars, rails, etc.

I fixed the floating greeble lose track after a couple hundred of them.
Update 16

Click for larger image
Hangar integrated, new secondary hangar.
Update 17

Click for larger image
Fractal is back at it again:

I need to raise the shuttle bay and alter the elevator/greeblie thingie (not even I know what it really does)
Windows are not a texture...bad attempt at modeled windows before I figured out how to do it properly (problem is especially on the dorsal surface, since it has been FFDed and modified a LOT)...will be fixed, as I want to add gridlines along the edge of the raised panel extrusions and make the windows more uniform.
Update 18

Click for larger image
So, I rescaled the engines for the FINAL time - it is MUCH improved, though I suppose tha tmay be hard to see...lots of details added also. Here's the final engines and the most updated window effects on the superstructure.
Update 19

Click for larger image
He's at it again. Adding more details, planel lines, redoing parts, and beveling edges.
Update 20

Click for larger image
C4D conversion by Samurai on SFM.
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